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I haven’t been here in a LONG time. Really, there’s so much I could sit here and update you on. Instead of giving you a full update though, I am going to say SO much has gone on since I have been here. Some bad, some very good. Needless to say however I think it’s time to close this chapter. I have decided that whatever I do, I will NEVER make everyone I know happy. The love of my life and I are making plans for our future. BIG plans! Plans that take time to solidify. Unfortunately while we want some of those plans to happen NOW, they can’t. Not until we are SURE. Let’s just say that moving across the country takes time, planning, etc.

I have decided that while I try my very best to keep everyone in my life happy, I can not. I need focus on my happiness. I know that if my parents heard this they would reel in disappointment. They want me home. WE want to be home. But, things happen for a reason. EVERYTHING! I just wish I could say “in due time” and they’d understand. But, they are my parents, and they just don’t.

WE have decided that while we get all the rest of the “details” in order for our future, we will pursue our dreams on our down time. I’m still searching diligently for a job. D is working hard to provide for our home and save for our future. I’m about to begin a new business venture and D is about to start spending most of his free time in the kitchen collaborating all of his favorites and writing a cook book. He LOVES to cook and he wants to share his joy with others. Reality is it may never go any farther than our families and friends but so be it. It’s his joy and if he can share with 30 or 30,000 it doesn’t matter.

So, I think that this may be the very last post on this blog??? I might come back and link the few readers (if any) I still have to my business link once it’s finally completed. To my family that I love so very much, I just want to say be patient. It’s going to happen, and things will fall into place. It takes time, but it WILL happen. To the love of my life, I can’t wait to begin this next journey with you! And to my friends, thank you. Thanks for being my sounding board, support, etc. I truly haven’t been happier. Granted a job would be nice and would make things happen sooner, but this business venture should help.

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Latest Happenings

A lot has happened since we’ve made the decision to begin a life in Iowa. I was so busy at work and with daily life that I hadn’t been blogging or reading others blogs much at all. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had called off work last Wednesday because I had a HORRIFIC migraine and a nasty head cold. I went back in on Thursday and made my list of things that needed to be done byt he 10th of the month, I was going to HAVE to work on Saturday to get everything completed.

Friday I got to work and something just wasn’t right. I was working so hard to get everything completed. Thankful for wach time I could check another task off my list. Then at about 2:15, my boss asked if I would come to her office. She pulled up a third chair and told me the president of the company would be joining us. I knew right then and there what was coming.

A couple months ago, she had approached me and told me that the partners thought I was cold and unapproachable. I was quite taken aback by this. I am not an admin so I don’t have direct contact with them like the rest of the ladies in our office. But I’ve always been friendly to each of them. Then a former employee of ours brought to my attention that they were advertising an opening in my department. I found it odd but when I asked my boss she assured me that it wasn’t MY position, she was entirely too busy and looking for an assistant. Her assistant was hired on August 30, just two weeks prior to my vacation. Just in time to train her on my job while I was gone.

So, on October 9, 2010, at 2:15pm, I was fired for the first time in my working life. I was shocked. Looking back I shouldn’t have been, but I was. Their reasoning was that we (myself and the company) just weren’t “compatible”, and that she didn’t feel that my heart was 100% in it. This November, would have marked my 4th anniversary with them. Odd that it took them nearly 4 years to decide we weren’t compatible. I guess things happen for a reason. My mom asked if perhaps someone had caught wind that we were planning to move back to Iowa. That is definatley not the case because I hadn’t told anyone anything about it. But, for whatever reason, I am now unemployed. I have quite a few appointments in the next couple weeks since my medical goes through the end of the month. I now have time to get everything taken care of.

I’m  busting my butt looking for a job in Iowa, hoping that once we get there we will both have employment. I’m trying to be positive about things that are happening, but keeping your head up in this economy is not the easiest thing to do!

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Our Trip Home

I’m extremely late on this post. Nearly a month ago D and I took a trip to Iowa. We weren’t sure upon us leaving how the trip would play out. We were excited of the things that would be happening while we were there, a baby, a wedding, visiting old friends and family.

We packed our things and hit the road on a Friday evening at 9:30. We checked the fluids in the car and we were on our way. My brother called just as we were heading out of the gas station and asked us how we were doing. Initially we had planned on leaving at 4 right after I got off work. But with us, plans always change. I was tired as hell, I’d had 2 hours of sleep the night before, went to work and came home for a 45 minute nap. But, we were excited to get there so off we went. I started off driving and made it to Toledo before I had to stop for 5 Hour Energy. By the time we got into Indiana, D was fast asleep. I continued to drive through Chicago and even past, in total about 8 hours. I had stopped again for 5 Hour Energy but that final shot wasn’t working. I woke D up to take the wheel. I slept about an hour before he woke me up. It was too rainy he needed help in navigating.

We finally arrived in Johnston, IA at about 8:30 am. We were exhausted but happy to have made it. We hit the pillows for a couple hours then I woke up to call my parents. I had asked if we could come out to see them. It’s not a good idea is what I was told. We decided to take another nap. We were staying with my aunt and her soon to be husband. When we woke up my aunt told me that my mom had called and told her to let us know to come over. SHOCKED!

This is the moment that our trip became the greatest trip. We headed out to mom and dad’s. My brother, his VERY pregnant wife, and her sister were also there. We visited with them for a while before they left then we sat and visited with my parents. Dad even taught D how to play cribbage. We went into my family’s restaurant to see my cousin and then headed back to turn in for the evening.

Sunday was pretty low key, we went to watch  my brother play softball. Monday we ventured back out to my parents to help with wedding decor for my aunts wedding. And for mom’s FABULOUS beef and noodles. My brother and sister in law joined us for that as well. We visited again with the parents, then headed back into the restaurant to see some of my favorite regulars. It was great to see them!

Tuesday we ran errands with my aunt all day getting final details taken care of for the wedding. We had a blast, all three of us acting like little kids! Wednesday we did our own running, shopping for wedding attire, etc. Thursday we were headed out to see our niece and nephew in New Sharon and standing by the phone to hear of our new nieces arrival. We played with the kids for a bit then headed to dinner with them and their mom. We came back to their house for a visit with their dad who had just gotten off work and while we were sitting there my aunt called. Payton Jade was born at 8:29 pm and she weighed 7lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 inches long, with a full head of hair, healthy lungs and HUGE hands. This was the report they’d received from my brother.

Friday we went to see our new niece. She was beautiful as ever. We hung out at the hospital for a bit then we headed back to my aunts house to get ready for rehearsal, set-up and everything that was to come. WE got to rehearsal late because that is how we ALWAYS make our entrance! Once things were set up and ready to go we went to rehearsal dinner. There is where we sat with my aunt and uncle, their daughter (my closest cousin) and her boyfriend. D and her dude hit it off immediately. An hour into the dinner we decided the four of us would be hitting the bar after dinner. We went out and had a great time. We sat and talked. I got some one on one time with my cousin. It was like we’d never been away from each other, like we never took a year and a half off from even so much as speaking to one another! Once we were feeling WAY TOO GOOD, we went to decorate my aunts car. Of course the minute we pulled up she was coming out of the hotel for a smoke. We were busted! The wedding went as planned, it was a cold and rainy day but it was all beautiful. The reception was grand. D made friends with everyone, and all in all it was a great time. It was bittersweet though as we knew that our time at home was coming to a quick end.

Sunday we went to see our little Payton one last time and then we were on our way out of town. Our 12 hour drive was LONG, it always is. We talked about a lot of our future plans. And we decided that we are moving back to Iowa ASAP!

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I will more than likely be posting this post on my new blog tomorrow, but I figured I needed to show this blog a bit of love for my fellow readers that may still be visiting me here.

Tomorrow, I will be running errands making final preparations, and last minute stops to get ready for our vacation. My dude has decided that he’s taking me out of town for theholiday weekend! What a great guy! This is also part of my birthday gift! We had originally planned on heading to Iowa, but after the parents were none to happy with me when the were here, we’ve decided to make use of our time of and relax on the beach.

I am super excited! We will be canoeing, reading, playing games, playing putt putt and perhaps touring a couple lighthouses. I am sure my mom and dad will be upset at the fact that I had some time off and chose to go on a vacation with him rather than coming home. I will tell them that going home were our first intentions and when I asked them, and they told me it “probably isn’t a good idea.” I will remind them of this conversation. The only reason it’s not a good idea is because they are afraid of what people will think. That’s fine, I’m over trying to please everyone.

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New blog……

I’ve started a new blog. Email me for details if you are interested.

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